A personalised Bauble is not just for Valentine’s Day.  Nor Christmas. In fact, I don’t think we even need a reason to send one of these delightful Bauble’s – do we?  


Personalised Valentine's Baubles



I saw these Baubles on Instagram and I thought how lovely to have some made for my two ‘loves’ for Valentine’s  Day.

Just look.  Aren’t they gorgeous.


Personalised Baubles by The Occasional Genius Company


Personalised Valentine's Baubles


They have been gifted to me by Ali at The Occasional Genius Company after I took a look at her site having been lured in by the Baubles.


Valentine’s Day Our Way


Valentine’s Day is a 3 way affair in this house.  It’s almost like a birthday.  No one really knows what we are celebrating other than luuuurve!

The fact that there are 3 of us means that one is left out if the parents go out on a date on this particular evening and besides who wants to babysit on Valentines Day!

Before you feel sorry for us – don’t!  This sentiment is not echoed on any other day of the year – babysitters pending.

So for us this occasion becomes a little bit like a festival!  There is lots of red involved and pretty things.  And it’s a bit of a ‘do’.

It’s also generally a reason to make another blooming cup or fairy cake and decorate the table with small glittery things that remain in your shoe for 6 months.

Who said romance is dead.

I like that we celebrate as a family.


Is Valentine’s Day for Single People?


I see Valentine’s Day as being for the single I suppose.

Having said that, it was never really for me as a singleton either.  I have to confess to having only ever receiving one unsolicited card in my life.  By this I mean, one where the recipient was unknown.  At first.

And you can always guarantee that when you are looking for love that the Interflora delivery man will come towards you with 60 red roses in a bouquet and give them to the person that sits next to you.  Further you will also travel home on the train feeling like the only one without the bouquet.  Oh I remember the days so well!

And as for the sender of my one card?

Well it turned out to be from someone 30 years my senior who subsequently turned into a bit of a stalker.  Oh the joys of office life back in the day!

The fact that I had a crush on the ‘younger’ man that sat next to him only served to set me up for a fall on opening the card – ‘I have admired you from afar’ it said!   I mean, how’s your bloody luck!!   Shame it didn’t stay that way.  Nice words though.  The sentiment was there!


More Baubles


Anyway, I digress.  The Baubles.  I absolutely love these.


Personalised Valentine's Baubles


And I am a big softy really because what I particularly love about these baubles is that they come with a scroll.



The scroll can be pre-printed or in my case, left blank.  I wanted to write my own message and pop the scrolls inside for my special people.


Personalised Valentine's Bauble


They are special to me and special to this blog too.

And whilst they aren’t called Iron Man and The Kid in real life, that’s who they are on here and there are reasons for that.  And they are both very loved.

The Occasional Genius Company site is just gorgeous – it is full of all the things that I love and I don’t think I’ll be the only one.  I’ve got my eye on a couple of bits already.

And it’s really worth remembering that baubles aren’t just for Valentines Day (or Christmas) because you can pretty much use them all year round.  Look at these!



Ali was also asked to do baubles for the celebrities appearing on season 2 of Lip Sync Battle UK and the presenters Professor Green and Mel B.


Photo Credit : Occasional Genius Co


I understand that Professor Green and Lip Sync are actually quite cool in The Kid’s world.  Although, I must confess that I have never heard of them but when I mentioned their names to The Kid she looked at me in shock.  Parent Win.  Wait until she gets her bauble.


Photo Credit : Occasional Genius Co


I can think of so many occasions when one of these would just do the trick.  I’m a bit of a card, notebook and wall art sender (and fan), and I can certainly see some Bauble activity getting involved.

New baby, wedding, engagement, congratulations – the list is just endless, especially with the blank scroll.

The Bauble that bravely goes where no card has been before.  Cracking idea and all those lovely colour choices too.

The Valentine Baubles are hand decorated with vinyl in a contemporary hand lettered font with a name of your choice. They contain sparkly red heart sequins, and a sprinkling of red glitter.

Each Bauble is hand finished with a gorgeous satin ribbon bow, pretty Tibetan silver charms and a matching satin ribbon hanging loop. They are then packaged in a luxury white gift box, which is tied with a co-ordinating ribbon, perfect for that extra special gift.


Personalised Valentine's Baubles


Bauble Safety


And talking of cracking, there is no need to worry about safety with these baubles, they are made from crystal clear glass style shatterproof plastic (no-one can tell they are not glass until they touch them!) meaning the baubles can be hung anywhere in your home and will not smash when someone a bit clumsy comes along!

The Baubles retail at £15.95 and can be ordered from The Occasional Genius Co here.

I had to laugh after giving the names I wanted on the baubles because to a person that doesn’t know you, it actually sounds a bit odd.  Especially ‘Iron Man’, I had to point out that we are quite normal and it was just a blog thing.  That they weren’t our pet names for each other!!!

But hey they are perfect for both of them and this is a wonderful opportunity to showcase Ali’s wonderful offerings.

Happy Valentine’s Day all.

Nicky x

This is a collaborative post.

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