Platform 50.  Pulling in.

You may be reading this as I’m pulling in or indeed after I’ve safely arrived at the platform.  Either way it’s a journey.  Not in a woo woo ‘journey’ way but as in going from one place to another.  Or one age to another.



But I’m not stopping at this destination because we can’t do that can we.  If we could then I would have frozen myself at 23.  The one thing that is guaranteed here is that we grow older each year.

This year that happens to be 50.  I find this quite exciting because I see it as the end to the first half and the start of the second half of my life.  Obviously that assumes that I will live to 100 which is fine.  I’ll give it a go.  It seems as though I only wrote my 49th Birthday post last week and if I’m honest nothing has really changed and I feel exactly the same.  And that is the thing, right there – isn’t it.  We do feel the same, yet as a whole we are constantly changing in many ways.

The most remarkable thing about this wonderful age is the fact that it is me that has reached it.  And I know every single one of you that shares this number with me, will be nodding along here.  Although you can be a bit surprised about the fact that it is me too if you must!

And 50 feels like a bit of a big New Year on many fronts.  Out with the first half century and in with the new.  There will be fireworks.  There are always fireworks when you have a birthday so close to Guy Fawkes.  It’s all about me this week though Guy!!  But most unbelievable about this grand old birthday is that we will all wonder where the time has gone.  We say it every day and every week that passes, after all.  I’m not sure if it’s a particularly ‘British’ thing, but time does indeed pass?  I guess we may be heard to talk of Bucket Lists on these occasions and there could be a tendency to reflect back. Of course I’ve done all that!  But short of setting out an Almanac, what is one to do?

My answer to that is to just crack on.  Nothing has changed.  I am sure I will feel no different when the clock strikes midnight.  I certainly do not feel old. Midlife seems to be the term for my kind of person.  Middle-aged?  Let’s give them a go.  How old even is midlife?  Will I be any good at it? You see there is so much I don’t know!

And it’s not just me.  Oh no!  People are muscling in.  Not just Guy either!

SUDDENLY every other b****r is 50. Turns out it wasn’t just me that got the memo.  You will never be the first in this game!  People have been paving our way for years and wondering what all the fuss is about.  And then there are the fledglings, like me and you.

And those that you thought were 50?  Well they are actually 70. In fact, no one looks their age anymore.  Apart from the dead cert that you think is your age and it turns out they are 22 years younger.  But this should in the main be a good thing.

Some will be surprised to learn that it is you that is 50. Although not as many as when you were 40. I can only think that this must decrease year on year. Always love the person that says ‘I can’t believe you are 50!!!’. Love them hard. Especially if you’ve been banging on about it all year. They are keepers.

Should that person be the doctor telling you how wonderful you look – take it with grace.  Along with the prescription.  In fact you don’t need the prescription because right there is the best cure know to man.  A professional keeper.  Just get over excited as you walk out of the door and slightly more animated than one should be in a doctors surgery.  Greet everyone you meet with a smile and a dance – knowing how fantastic you are looking.  This is the way to do it.

And of course I’ll be preparing a 50’s post. That’s only fair isn’t it. I just need to make sure that I do actually have things to say – otherwise I may not be allowed into this Exclusive Club. And I can’t have that because I’ve gone to a lot of effort to get in.

But it’s time to get a few treatments before the big day so I’ll just leave this here.

See you on the other side.

Remember, I’m a fledgling!










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