Loft Conversion Roof

Up on the Roof!

The loft conversion is now well underway.  And today was the day we got to scale up the side of the house on the scaffolding to take a look at what was once just a roof.

Look no harness!

Loft Conversion

Not bad for a girly who is scared of heights.

Loft Conversion

Of course it was a lovely rainy day for such a sport and Iron Man was glad he didn’t attempt the climb in his suit.

Actually we did have a sneaky peak last week while the loft hatch was still in use but needed to go back up again to make some more decisions.

Decisions are a vital step in the process and there are some decisions that we do not have a decision for.

Decisions around plug points and window styles, sizes and positions and colours and bulbs.  These are all the things that one doesn’t usually think about or have an opinion on until it’s too late.

Take our current bedrooms for example.  Who knew we would end up putting furniture in front of every socket.

Well you just don’t know what the future holds do you.

Thank goodness for the guidance and experience of the team.

My bathroom window decision making progress was just not working today.  Maybe it never has.  Maybe a bathroom window is a bathroom window and not worthy of such dilemma.

Loft Conversion

This will, of course, give rise to an unnatural obsession with bathroom windows over the next day or so.

We are now on what is known in the trade as “the first fix”.

This I gather is the part where all the big building work gets underway.  Where the roof is turned into a structure which will then be transformed into the space of our dreams.

Obviously there is a lot that of work before we get to that stage and boy are these guys working hard.

And yes I am about to go through this hole.

At least Father Christmas gets the chimney and a sleigh!!!.

Loft Conversion

Head first was the only way.  There was no dressing it up.  The rest of the body followed.

I can’t say I would have fancied being in a roof over the last two weeks in all the heat.  The lads have done so without complaint or need and have been a delight.

You need a very good imagination to be able to visualise the room that this will become.  See what I mean about confusion around plug sockets.

I’m better with soft furnishings as a rule.

Loft Conversion

And in case you are wondering how I am doing with the bathroom design.

Well let’s just say my eyes were bigger than my bathroom.  My choices were better suited to a New York loft conversion.

High flush toilets do not fit loft bathrooms.  It was a harsh blow but I’m over it now.

But the bathroom vision is still there.

In fact said bathroom is now in my dining room awaiting it’s journey to the roof.

This gives the option of sitting on the loo to eat dinner in the meantime.

And the best is yet to come!

Over and out.


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