September – you smell!  And you make us cry!


OK that’s unblocked a few channels and blockages and caused my Chakras to positively sparkle.

It’s always good to embrace your voice and inner strength and tell it like it is isn’t it! So empowering!

To stand up to the enemy in the face of adversity!

I’ve always known deep down that September is not for me.

I’ve just never outed it!

It all feels a bit ‘Mary Ann’ to come out and tell the world how ‘loooost’ you are feeling. I jest of course and this post is very much tongue in cheek. BUT there is some truth in all of this.

That aside, I just want you to know that I have actually been very badly lost three times in the last month.

Once in the back end of London, once in a park and once at a car boot sale. The most serious of which resulted in a helicopter search party Iron Man meeting me from the station.  There ain’t no Google Maps gonna help you at a Car Boot Sale!  Yes I know I said I’d never do it again but …..

And, with all this talk of serendipity and synchronicity, I wonder if Google Maps and providence are indeed aligned in taking me forth on this new journey. In a feathery kind of way.

So, let me explain.  September has become a bittersweet month for me since having kids. Because no matter what the holidays may bring, September always brings change and growing up. Like someone has pressed ‘stop’ and the game is just getting started.

This year there’s a lot of growing up being done in this house.

I am the proudest mum alive this month. Positively up there in the life is peachy department. I’d even go so far as to look at me and my good man and say, ‘blimey, look what we’ve made’. As opposed to the comment about rearing ‘a wrong-un’. That feels good because the old parenting journey can take its toll on our little tender souls, can’t it?

How our kids step up and embrace their challenges warms the cockles of your heart. Because let’s face it, they don’t really have a choice do they?

Some of us will have gone from kids hanging off us crying to seeing confident young adults march out of the door. And it’s all good. And yes this is the month for reminiscing. Big style.

Pencil marks measuring heights will be etched on the door and thoughts of little chubby legs will be in your mind. You will wish your ‘talls’ were still ‘smalls’ and you grab cuddles at every opportunity. September is the month of the cuddle (let’s just hope that October isn’t the month of the bad mood because I’m not having any of it this year. The Agenda is closed for October!).

When I look back over the blog (which also is getting quite grown up now), I realise that September has always played a big part. Over the last few years it’s been a bit of a stinker.

And as for said blog, in the spirit of creativity, I’ve opted for ‘if there’s nothing to say today, don’t say it’. Preferring instead to pretend I’m still on holiday. But there is a whole load of stuff bubbling away.

The whole September thing in a nutshell just smacks of scary stuff like ‘Growing Up’!

I love a bit of a change, I’m such a personal development junkie but there are times when you want to crawl back under a blanket and give your soul a bath and place it in a bowl of Lavender. You just need to find it first (your soul, not the Lavender!!)

And it’s not just me that feels like they’ve had their core sucked out with a Dyson either. I’ve been meeting these people everywhere.

Oh yes, they are all around.

Either sending their loved ones off and away. Or negotiating September from a position of uncertainty and change. New beginnings, new situations. There’s nothing like September for mixing it all up and before you know it, you’re expected to be suited and booted in five minutes and standing by the door!

Yet you are still wearing your five-way Bikini!

And I don’t just feel if for me, I feel it for others. For every dinky stepping outside in their oversized Reception uniform and every car boot packed to the gunwales with University bound belongings, christ, I get a lump in my throat and a swelling of pride. Because we’ve all been there or we are headed there.

And for all of these gorgeous people with the packed boots, I salute you. I think me and my good man will be hanging off your skirt tails trying to drink in your wisdom and strength in several years!!

Personally, I’m all for the old unblocking when the time is right!  Detox for the soul.   That time is now. I’ve been a shadow of my former myself (not according to the sodding scales though) and you know what – sometimes lying in that bath of indecision and going along with it, is just what our little souls need.

Growing up and change are key features of the household this year. All the plans are in place but sometimes it takes the engine a little while to crank into gear.

So where I am going with this is that I would really love a new car sometimes you just have to wait it out.

Have a good old procrastinate, beat yourself up, say horrible things to yourself and generally have an inner dust up. Old Aunt Guilt generally pays a visit this month too. Just to keep you on your toes and run her finger along your holiday skirting boards!  Yep – those!

And sometimes my ‘Cosmic Jukebox’ (as Iron Man refers to my love of all things everything) runs out of juice.  But not for long.  Oh no – just re-energised shall we say!!

You’d think I’d see it coming and prepare for it wouldn’t you!!  Problem is you can’t always. You just have to wallow in your moment until it passes. Have a bit of a sympathy ‘do’. Just don’t invite anyone else!!  Get all the old photos out and sob into your nursery tea towel that didn’t make it into someone’s Christmas Stocking eight years ago.  It is OK to use it now.  That’s what it’s for.

And then you come up shaken and stirred.

And I’ve seen it with my own eyes this month. Every bloody gorgeous bit of loveliness that I have the pleasure to hang out with have all got a bit of this.

It’s all about growing into your new skin. That’s quite a lot of growing for me (yep the scales). Changes – yep. New stuff. New directions. Getting shot of the things that no longer serve you. Moving away from the things that jar. Shaking your act around. It’s all good.

But you have to try it on first and wear it in.

And then it’s dancing time …………..

And believe me, when I say I have prepared for that – I mean I have really prepared for that!!!



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