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This should be the post where I show the before and after reveal of our new home office.  That will of course be coming, but this time I’ve done things a little differently.

I talked about this little ‘study’ project being a little more involved in so far as it needed to be a triumph of practicality over style.  An area of work that needed to – well  – ‘work’.  And that is precisely what has been going on – work!

Don’t get me wrong, there have been purchases.  Of course there have been purchases!!!  I wouldn’t be writing this post so comfortably had that not been the case.  But I thought it would be useful to include the middle bit.  The bit that will be of particular interest to anyone that has spent several years working at their dining room table.

Up until a few weeks ago, I was that person.  The laptop was always out and the paperwork was EVERYWHERE.  Couple that with constantly being reminded of everything that ‘should’ be done in the house whilst sat in the dining room and you’ve got yourself a case of being pulled in all directions.  All of the time.  Because it’s very easy to keep tapping away into the night as fellow homeworkers and bloggers will know.

So here you can see a couple of the purchases whilst there is a man at work with a drill.  The most important bits I hasten to add – the desk and a filing cabinet!!  And the all important board for the wall.  All in keeping with the colour scheme so far, so nothing too alarming.  It’s still me.


Home Office


However, my plan to make everything look lovely in advance of moving in went slightly out of the window because I moved in before it was finished.

And it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done.  I say this because I am still sitting in a partly unfurnished room that is a little lacking in soul BUT and there is a huge but – it’s given me an opportunity to actually see how I work and where I need to put things.  What are the things I really need?  And where do I need them to go?  How does one cope without a bin??!!

You could say it’s a little social experiment to see how I work!  And what I’ve realised is that I am working with a huge amount of notes and prompts that I need to hand all the time.  For me, it is all about having things on the wall where I can see them so that I can add ideas to my work as I go along.  I’m guessing I speak for many bloggers here.  Trying to find a pen and paper when an idea comes can mean scanning the entire house can’t it!  This is what I’m trying to get on top off and this is where the  getting organised bit comes in.


Organising the Home Office


Now I agree that this is not a pretty sight but this is how it is warts and all.  In the interim.  And I’ve seen the pattern emerging in just how much stuff I need to go on the wall.  And I’ve made some temporary makeshift hanging spaces for the time being.

The organisation of blog posts, posting, planning and having everything following a bit of a system is going to be life changing for me.  Life changing in so far as I am halving my efforts to double my output.  That is the plan.  It is in my interest to stick to it.


Paperwork in the home office


It’s been a huge help to introduce a keyboard with the laptop.   As I have mentioned before, I do have an ongoing back problem and one of the things I was advised was to ditch the laptop as I know it.  The preferred option being having the keyboard and screen at separate levels.

In advance of getting a monitor, I was also advised to raise the lap top screen on to a book.  You will see how elegantly, in lieu of getting a screen, I have followed this suggestion here.  Thank god for Iron Man and his heavy duty reading!!!


Getting the computer screen at eye level


I cannot tell you what an incredible difference this has made.  The amount of time, as bloggers, that we spend crunched up and huddled over our laptops and phones is endless.  I realise how I have almost spent whole days folded in half and this new way is a joy.  My back and neck are loving it.  Could the end of the Osteopath be in sight!

And as if any more therapy was needed, check out this light shade.  It’s always the simplest and cheapest things that put a song in your heart isn’t it.  This is an Ikea light shade – very cheap and no doubt you will have seen it before.


Ikea light shade


I just loved setting this shade up.  You really can pull it this way and that (as instructed) and the shape just keeps on changing and growing.  It looks very different from whichever angle you are coming from.  It came as a flat square and you take it from there and can get really creative! I haven’t quite finished puffing yet but it will do in the short term.

The blind was also another sneaky purchase to get the ball rolling!

There is still a lot of this going on whilst I get myself straight – god bless the loft bedroom floor – but needs must.  This is certainly not a paperless house.


Organising Paperwork


But the joy of having one of these little beauties (below) for everything a home ever needs to keep – is blissful.  Even Iron Man has got himself involved in putting a bit of paperwork away.  Wouldn’t want him thinking I’m his PA or anything like that.  As long as he doesn’t start trying to take over the top drawer – all will be well!


Home Office filing cabinet


So this is the necessary messy bit.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel and all will be revealed once we are there.

Choosing time follows.  And we all love a bit of choosing time don’t we??!!


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