Autumn burdgundy fashion dresses

As crazy as it seems, the autumn fashion has been making it’s way into the stores for a while now.

Have you seen it?  What do you think?

It’s hard to imagine ever wearing anything other than summer gear at the moment, but don’t forget how easily we can be caught out with British weather.

It might have been a heatwave last week but we know only too well how quickly temperatures can plummet.

For this reason, I am not going to be caught out this year.  Autumn fashion must out.

I find the Summer/Autumn transition particularly trying on the wardrobe.

Right now I feel as though I have been wearing flip flops all of my life.

Should the weather suddenly turn, I know I will be hard pushed to find a suitable shoe for the occasion.  Or one that matches a summer dress!

Time to remember that we will need to turn our attention to boots at some point.  Shouldn’t be too challenging looking at some of these.


What hasn’t escaped my notice as I have passed the clothing shops is that all of my fave colours are in this season.

I just love the deep greens and warm burgundy’s and oranges and can’t wait to get my hands on the winter textures that will follow.

And a little accessory never does any harm does it?  I could quite easily eat these bangles from Forever 21.

Autumn Accessories


Nice to see some of my favourite bright blues making an appearance too.




And some brighter colours and pretty florals to keep us going through the dark days.


Fuschia Pinks

And I do love a coat.  My little eyes are on the lookout this year as those that I do have are a little on the worn side now.

I missed out on the coat thing last year, I was too late.

This year I want to be at the front of the bus.

The secret is generally to ‘buy it when you see it’.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve missed out on something through taking too long to decide.  Snooze and you lose and all that!

It’s always difficult getting your head around the whole season ahead thing.  I cannot tell you how many times I have lucked out when trying to buy a bikini in the summer.   Strange as that may be.

I was excited to rediscover Warehouse over the summer.  An old favourite where I haven’t shopped for some time.  It just goes to show how it’s worth revisiting these places.  I managed to pick up some really fab bits that I have worn to death over the summer.

And the whole print thing is back with us again.  Who doesn’t love it just a little bit?


Print coat


And not forgetting the Little Black Dress which we shall all turn to at some point in December.


Little Black Dress

I am deliberately holding back just a little at the moment.

You will remember that I wrote earlier in the summer about my changing body shape.

Well it continued to change but that was more to do with the summer dining opportunities than anything else.

But I do have goals which I am secretly working towards behind closed doors .  And what do goals make?  Well – smaller clothing for a start.   And being comfortable.

But I thought I deserved one little treat for my work so far.   So I thanked myself with a little blouse.  Another little beaut from Forever 21.

You gotta celebrate the small things – right!  Like inches.


Peach Pussy Bow Shirt


It keeps the spirit alive after all.

How is your wardrobe looking at this time of year?

Are you mid changeover?


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