Where has Brighton been all of our lives?

It has clearly escaped our notice other than one brief visit many moons ago.


Brighton Pier


Yet it is of course one of the trendiest cities in the UK.

So when looking for the perfect getaway for parents and a 10 year old daughter, Brighton was very high on the list for all – for very different reasons.

We wasn’t disappointed!

So here is our list, in no particular order :


1. Vlogger Pilgrimage


For The Kid, the lure of going to a city where Zoella and friends hang out is just the coolest thing on the planet and therefore No. 1 on the list.  For this reason alone it was a bit of a pilgrimage.

We managed to visit many of the places from where Zoella, Alfie and co had vlogged and with The Kid being such a fan, well – let’s say she was beside herself.  Unfortunately not beside Zoella (or Alfie) who were nowhere to be seen.  But retracing their steps was pleasure enough for a 10 year old girl fan.


2. Snow Dogs By The Sea Trail 2016


As you all know, we love a trail.  This one is no exception.  Most unexpected but an added bonus.  An excellent way to see Brighton and all for a wonderful cause.  The trail is in aid of Martlets Hospice and as I can’t do this wonderful free, public art event justice in a paragraph, you can see my separate post here.  I recommend making a visit to Brighton just for this trail.


Snowdogs by the Sea 2016 Koinu Yakuza


3. Roy Grace


I mentioned pilgrimage earlier and, in some respects, it could be said that his was also the case for myself and Iron Man.

We are both huge fans of the author Peter James and the brilliant Roy Grace series.  Roy Grace is a fictitious Detective who lives in Brighton and is responsible for solving many of the murders that take place in the city.  Peter James’ thrillers take us on a journey of the twists and turns of both Grace’s personal and professional life until we feel like Grace is one of our own and as though we have lived in Brighton all of our lives.


Roy Grace


Much of the storyline revolves around the pier and beach and many of the illustrations are literally just like this.


Brighton Pier


To see them for real was like being in our own Peter James thriller as we recounted the page turning stories of the perps and victims found floating beneath the pier and how we held our breath as Grace took on the villain, praying for his safety.

So significant is the character of Grace, that he is worthy of a Snowdog sponsored by his creator Peter James …….


Roy Grace Snowdog


Deservedly so of course!   And just take a look at the ingenious artwork.


Peter James Snowdog


Just brilliant!


4. Food For Friends


You don’t have to walk too far to find a vegetarian restaurant in Brighton.  None of us are,  but when in Rome and all that …….


Food for Friends


We opted for a sharing starter which gave us the opportunity to sample many of the dishes on offer.  The flavours were divine.  The colours and presentation stunning.

I had my eye on the Cheese Soufflé all week and it didn’t disappoint.


Cheese Souffle


Food for Friends happened to be a 2 minute walk from our hotel (17-18 Prince Albert Street, Brighton) which meant that we got to walk past and gaze in every single day.  And every single day, we looked at the menu.  So glad we had the foresight to book in advance otherwise we would never had got in.

To say that the food was outstanding just about does it justice.  You can probably tell from the pictures.  No meat in sight and it certainly wasn’t missed – such was the flavour and variety of food on offer.

Thoroughly recommend.


5.  Choccywoccydoodah




Again a paragraph just isn’t enough to describe the delicious decadence of this heavenly place.  You can read more about it here – Death by Choccywoccydoodah.


6. The Olive Grove


At 15-18 Meeting House Lane, The Olive Grove is set back among lovely fairy lights in a passage in The Lanes.  Tempted by the tapas, we decided to give it a go.

It is suffice to say that the fact that we took no pictures is a measure of how long the food remained on our plates!

Delicious tapas.  A thumbs up from all of us and I would go so far as to say one of the best we have tasted.


7. Globalls


I mentioned vlogger pilgrimage earlier and The Kid had heard about this place from an Alfie Deyes vlog.

Globalls is an indoor 12 hole mini-golf under ultra violet light, with fluorescent life size dinosaurs and amazing art and sound effects.

Top recommendation from Alfie!  This place is fab.  Once again, there was a Halloween theme.

Globalls is really something different.  Just about everything glows in the dark.  Here is The Kid at the entrance waiting to go in with her ultra-violet club and balls.



And this is what happens once inside ……




I think I might have been winning at that stage!

In the dark and with the brilliant theme, mini-golf is taken to a new level.  You can see the layout of some of the holes below.

This was such great fun and I love to see new businesses doing well.  It’s a great idea for sure.






I’m not going to post too many pics as I’m sure you will want to find out what this place is all about for yourself.

Globalls can be found on The Waterfront at Brighton Marina.   It’s not just Alfie that loves it!  We did too.  Apparently people are coming from far and wide to try it and we can see why.


8. Cable & Cotton


Cable and Cotton


Now this one is really something different!

If there is a healthy version of Pick ‘n’ Mix, then this is it!

Cable & Cotton is a shop that sells Pick ‘n’ Mix Fairy Lights where you can choose from a vast array of coloured balls to make up your own string of fairy lights in varying lengths.


Cable & Cotton Fairy Lights


You can see the pretty fairy lights in the background and a very happy girl choosing colours for some lights for her bedroom.

With so many beautiful colours to choose from, you could easily spend an hour in this shop.

It was certainly a half-term favourite with the children.

Cable & Cotton can be found in Meeting House Lane and online at www.cableandcotton.co.uk.


9. Guiltees Strawberry & Champagne Cushions


If, like us, you are fans of The Apprentice, you will understand our excitement at finding packs of the ‘Guiltees’ products as made by Team Titan on the show for sale in King of Rock.  So for £1.99 we grabbed a bag of the very same sweets we saw being made and packaged on the programme the previous week.


The Apprentice


10. Sunset


And as if things couldn’t get better on this wonderful break, we were treated to a beautiful sunset on the evening we were leaving.


Brighton Sunset

Just perfect!
And so many reasons to return.

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