Gadget Yellowstone Portable Gas Stove

With the fast pace of innovation and technology, what a treat it is to find a gadget that can potentially change your life, make your day or half your effort.

Imagine that little gadget cooking hot, sizzling sausages on a sunny beach tended by a topless Iron Man and you are getting very close to visualising this summers award winner.

After all, when it comes to a gadget – there is no better person to try it out than Iron Man himself.

It would be selfish of me not to share the love with this little stunner – given that it was so kindly shared with us.

Iron Man’s lovely sister introduced us to this little beauty when she cooked us sausages on a beach in Cornwall.

And it was love at first light.

Meet the Yellowstone Portable Gas Stove …………………………..


Gadget Yellowstone Portable Gas Stove


We loaned it for our second week and managed to knock up some more tasty treats on our visits to the beach.

This little cutie comes in its own neat and sturdy plastic box with carrying handle.

It could quite easily be mistaken for a tool box.


the Yellowstone Portable Gas Stove.


Not to be outdone, Iron Man got straight on Google and this little gadget is very reasonably priced at around £15.  A steal in fact.

How I wish I’d had my little mitts on this for our camping trip earlier in the year.

It’s very neat and portable with it’s tiny gas cylinder and it’s certainly very light


the Yellowstone Portable Gas Stove.


The whole ring part packs away easily and is also removable for easy cleaning.


the Yellowstone Portable Gas Stove


And a close up of the controls


the Yellowstone Portable Gas Stove


If you want to embrace your inner Flintstone, go grab one before they disappear.

This is not a sponsored review.  It’s an Iron Man recommendation.

I can see the uses being endless.

And with all the sunshine predicted, I don’t see us packing it away just yet.

It brings a whole new meaning to picnics!

A must for campers – surely?