Top Tips For your loft conversion

Having recently undergone a loft conversion, I thought it would be useful to share some top tips with you for the things you may want to consider in advance of and during your build.

You can also find links below to my Loft Conversion Series which takes you through the various stages.

There is of course so much to think about and so many choices that you can sometimes get caught on the hop when having to make a quick decision.  And we don’t want that do we!

It’s been a while since we had any major work done.

And some of us need a bit of visualisation time – right? Particularly when trying to visualise a space that isn’t actually there.

If you use a great company as we have done, things can and do move pretty quickly.

Obviously not all installations are done in the same way or order but I’m sure they will generally follow a similar pattern – hence this post follows that order.

It is true to say though that you may have days when you don’t know your u-bend from your a$$e elbow.

You will know exactly what I mean on about week 2.5.

These are the days when I wished for a brain and a bit of pre-research.

And yes a tissue – because it is a possible to cry in secret because you think you may have made a bad decision.  Also week 2.5.



Loft Conversion Bathroom

  • It’s useful to have a good idea of the bathroom size.  You will need to think about purchasing ahead of the build.  If someone tells you the bathroom is ‘big’, do not take this as gospel.  Sizes will always out.  Saves any misunderstanding!   Many loft conversions in older homes have very tiny bathrooms – that does not mean yours will be really big.  It will be a bit bigger than small.
  • Know the layout you want.
  • Think ahead about the style and colour schemes.
  • Think about tiles and flooring and wall tiling and/or painting.
  • Think about the type and size of window. (there will be choices)
  • Think about which way you want the bathroom door to open
  • Think about the size and style of the door (there are options).  A narrow door allows more space.
  • Bear in mind with your choices that there is generally not much height in a loft conversion ceiling.  This will generally rule out a high flush toilet (in case you were thinking of going that way!)
  • Think about a Towel Rail and/or Radiator – the style and where you want it.  The Plumber will need to know fixings during the First Fix which is before the room is even a room.




  • Think about bedroom radiator.  The Plumber will need to know fixings and location during the First Fix.  This one is worth thinking about as you may not have given any consideration to location, colour or style.
  • You will also need to check size and desired heat output with Plumber
  • It’s never too early to think about colours and designs.  The bedroom floor will probably be needed quite early on if it is wooden so be prepared (before skirting boards are fitted)!
  • You need to think about skirting boards although they should be made to match the existing design in the house
  • You will need to think about style and size of doors.
  • Again, thoughts around layout and where the bed may go and wardrobes is always good to know at the outset.  You are highly likely to want a TV too.  All of these may affect decisions around socket number and locations.
  • If the bedroom is the main bulk of the room, you will be well-advised to gauge an idea of where the walls are and the area available.  To further explain this – you would not want to site a radiator on the only wall where there is space for a wardrobe.  You might be lucky and have lots of wall space but in some conversions, floor to ceiling space is a premium.




  • You might want to bear in mind that you are going to have to redecorate and re-floor/carpet the whole hallway.
  • All woodwork like staircase and skirting should be sourced to match existing staircase.
  • This will be a big decorating job.
  • You may want to consider having a power point on the loft stairs (hoovering)

Electrical Requirements

  • You will need to think about number and type of sockets and their location in the room.
  • To be able to do this, you will need to have given thought to bedroom(s) layout.
  • You will need to think about colour of spotlight surround and type of bulbs.
  • You may want to consider a television on the wall too (and Aerial).  Again, don’t use your premium ‘whole’ wall space (see above).  Unless you’re a bloke and don’t mind your clothes going in drawers.
  • You can never have too many sockets – we have gone for 5 (if that helps).
  • You will have to have a smoke alarm in every room (or fire doors throughout).




  • You will need to know which style of windows you require quite early on.
  • You will need to consider style, size, position and colour of the windows early on.
  • There will generally be the bathroom window, main bedroom window, velux windows and staircase window.

You will also need to choose the colour of your slate for the Dorma.  We opted for grey/black.

Top Tips

Book your decorator early if you want decorating to immediately follow the build.  Do bear in mind that you will have plaster that needs to dry too though!

Lights, camera, action – the all important photographs.  Having pictures of the build has been an absolute darling when it comes to putting things on the walls post build because you can look back and see where the beams and steels are.  Saves finding out too late!

I know I like a good amount of time for décor and choosing – hence this post.

Another desirable is time of year.  There is not always choice but I have to say I pity the pour souls experiencing this work in the winter.  Summer all the way for us.


I hope it’s helpful!


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