In my recent post, I set the challenge of getting the box room painted within 2 weeks.

This is the smallest room in the house, yet it’s seen the most action and guises!  You can see how many here!

This is the wooden ceiling that I referred to.


Wooden Ceiling


Well there was a slight change of plan because Iron Man claimed it would take him two hours to do the whole room twice.  It would have taken me a whole lot longer.  He’s right of course, you’ve got to play to your strengths!  It would have taken me a couple of days.

It did indeed take him two hours and I have finished off with the woodwork and started pulling the room together.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this room is set to be an office/study to take care of all matters work and admin.

It currently looks like a deep freeze, very boring, cold and no character.  All white and ready to take on a personality of it’s own.


Box Room painted white


Although even for me, this seems a little bit impossible at the moment.  It really does look like a fridge!


Study in White


A big leap of creative juice is needed here.

Nice blank canvas from which to start though!

A bit of lighting and a blind will soon get things on the move.

This room is all about practical – a work area and a storage area.  Think black and white with some hints of colour thrown in.   Or a bit of zing while we do our thing!

Getting the storage right is key to making a big difference in this house.  Having a place for things to go will be a joy.  We currently have stationery items all over the house.  Yet trying to put your hands on a roll of sellotape and a hole punch when you need them is a mystery that I’m sure all households have in common!

I have been browsing the good ship Pinterest for some inspiration here and taken a browse around Ikea. I have also been seriously in danger of choosing pink and blush tones which seems to be every where at the moment from home design to fashion, pink is very much up there as a colour this year – at least for the Spring.

I cannot do it though, this is a multi-use, multi-function room.  It’s a room for doing and as well as pink not being a favourite for Iron Man, I don’t think it’s a particularly productive colour.  Or maybe I’m talking rubbish! But I see that black and white are the way to go.

I couldn’t help but turn my head at this little beauty!

Swoooooooooooooooooooon ……………………………….


Storage for the study


Where does one put wrapping paper after all.  A roll is a bit one use in this house as it always gets scrunched up and ripped in storage.

And there’s some real sweet shop potential here in this room from a stationery perspective.  Because you can get some pretty delicious bits of stationery for your stash these days.  And some pretty funky storage ideas too.


Storage Solutions


I know there’s going to be a lot of input forthcoming here from all angles of the famalam.  But this is not about Smiggle.  This is about a grown up love affair with stationery.  A bit like a make up haul but with notepads, files and pens instead of blushers and lip liners.

Endless potential!



But swooning and practicality will need to share the stage for this one.  It is after all a small room.

Obviously, a desk is key here.  Armed with my tape measure, I will need to ensure that there is room for a chair to go with said desk that also has full wheel rolling potential without backing into a wall.  Or a wardrobe  – as is the intention.  An overflow wardrobe.  Remember we don’t have a loft storage area anymore.  Winter coats need somewhere to live as the sun starts to tantalise our little faces.

But there is room for both.

I’ve never had to shop for a desk before and this needs to be a triumph of practicality over style.  It needs to be a workshorse.  Room for a PC and printer and space to work.

A few succulents won’t harm though will they?!




And a faux animal print rug for the soul perhaps?


Animal Print Rug


A bit of inspiration and eye candy while working can only add to creativity can’t it!

So a bit more focus on the study over the next couple of weeks.  And as it’s the Easter holidays, Smiggle we need to be a no go zone.  I don’t need any raspberries or melons on the end of my pencils nor do they need to be fragranced!

I’ll be back with a desk soon.


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