In our quest to find suitable activities, breaks and light relief for the changing tastes of the Not Just The 3 of Us squad, I am starting this new series to celebrate our findings.  Not only our findings but also our ability as parents to get the whole tween to teen thing spot on!  The uncanny benefits of being trendy parents!!

What we are trying to do as a family is take it in turns to choose something to do each month.  Not one for half measures, The Kid announced that her choice was to go to Bath!

That wasn’t quite what we had in mind in terms of an ‘experience’ – that’s a holiday in our opinion but as luck would have it we had (unbeknown to her) booked a short break near Bath.  Let’s hope that doesn’t set a precedent for next time.  We don’t always aim to please!

As things currently stand, if Zoella has been there, it’s a shoe in.  I feel a little as though I walk in Zoella’s shoes along with The Kid as she regales me with wonderful tales of this very successful young lady.  A bit of a parent pilgrimage if you like!  I’m sure she’d be delighted that the ‘olds’ are following in her footsteps!!

Half the battle with the days out, trips and experiences is that there is something to suit all. We will happily walk a mile in Zoella’s and Alfie’s shoes, providing there is a glass of Prosecco in it for me and a cold Stella for Iron Man.


Prosecco and Stella Artois


And so we took ourselves off to Woolverton which is just outside Bath. The plan was to spend just a day in Bath and then discover more of the local area and places like Bradford upon Avon and Frome.

After going through the very grounding and usual ‘Is anyone else coming?,  ‘Who are we going with?’ type questions that follow when you are about to do something fun with your child, we find ourselves reminded of the fact that we are actualy pretty boring.  I am comforted by the fact that this also happens to parents with more than one child and that it is not just the demise of those with an ‘only’ child!

I have to say that I felt a little joyous at having chosen a peachy week of sunshine in April – particularly when the forecast suggested otherwise.


Bradford Upon Avon


Bradford Upon Avon


This picture perfectly encapsulates Bradford Upon Avon with its wonderful choice of eateries by the river enjoyed with the ease of a blue sky.

The discovery of an Easter Egg hunt around the town set us off to a very good start.  This family does love a hunt and a trail!  Of course, the benefits of a trail mean that is highly likely that you are going to discover some great parts of a town and all of the nooks and crannies that you may not otherwise have stumbled upon.  You also get chatting to shop owners who are a mine of useful information with lots of gems to share.


Bradford Upon Avon


And on the subject of gems, one of the shop owners regaled us of the tale of the mother swan by the river. We were told how the previous year, the swans nest had been washed away in the floods.  This year the locals had come together to build a raised bed by the river so that the swan could safely nest with her unborn cygnets.  And how the locals kept a ‘swan watch’ to ensure the mother and her eggs were safe.




Had we not taken part in the hunt, we would never have known about the story of the swan.

And further along on our trail, we came across this.  A throwback to the London 2012 Olympics.


Gold Post Box London 2012 Olympics


This is the first of these gold post boxes that we have seen.  Considering we are on the doorstep of the Olympic Park, this is quite surprising.  I’m thinking this is probably good ‘trailworthy’ material in London.  Something for the summer holidays.

This particular post box was in honour of Ed McKeever as you can see from the plaque.  What a fantastic way to commemorate our Olympic heroes.


Gold Olympic Postbox



When in Frome


Now here is a place of surprises.  Frome (pronounced Froom).

At first appearance it is just a little Somerset town but scratch beneath the surface and wander up the hill and you will uncover the delights of the independent and artisan shops among the meandering streets.


Frome Independent Shops


Frome Independent Shops


The locals are very proud of Frome and rightly so.  The first Sunday of the month is home to a fabulous Art Fair and this is something we would certainly return for.

Back in the main town, we came across the Community Fridge – the first we had seen of its kind.  And what a fabulous idea.  It was laden with milk and bread and other essentials donated by locals for those in need.  What a great way to give something back.

And so this trip uncovered quite a few highlights and the sun shone brightly the whole time.  We were able to make the most of all of the fabulous outdoor pubs and restaurants and dined in beautiful settings – but always by the river.

And remember that glass of Prosecco and glass of cold Stella.  Well here we are opposite the Roman baths in a plum seat enjoying the buskers.

What could be finer.

And it was a big ‘thumbs up’ from The Kid too.

A happy story of the parents getting it right!


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