A ‘Tw’elf on the Shelf?

On our shelf?


Well I can certainly say there is much excitement in the household.

I have watched with wonder and excitement over the last few years as I see these Elves arriving in peoples houses during December.  I have to say I always wondered why one never has never come to visit us.   I mean what’s wrong with us – eh?

I have squealed with delight when seeing accounts of what these Elves get up to.  In fact, I know that one of our local childminders has a visit every year from two elves.  And I have to say I look forward to the accounts of the Elf shenanigans in her house.  It cheers up my December no end.  I have to confess that I have even wanted to move in to this house and hang out with the Elves.

Anyway, imagine the surprise upon coming down the stairs last week to find that someone has muscled in on the advent calendar.  Not only muscled in but cracked open a door and ate the contents.


Elf on the Shelf


Now that on a school morning is enough to turn milk sour.  In fact she may as well have brought a lead balloon to the party!

Nothing like a frosty start to December.

And the culprit?


A ‘Tw’elf on the Shelf?


This one.

Who has bravely gone where no one else has dared.

Into the first day of the advent calendar and scoffed the contents to be precise.


Elf on the Shelf


It’s a girl Elf.  Not just a girl Elf but a ‘tweenage’ girl Elf.  How’s your luck!?  Cute though.

How could you be cross with that little face!

I do wonder why now though?  Maybe she got wind of the extra bedroom – who knows.

What I do know is that we now have 3 women and a man in the house.  Actually make that one woman, two tweens and an Iron Man.  An Iron Man that could possibly be reduced to a mouse – depending on what unfolds.

In his defence, he did think the Day 1 antics might not have gone down too well.

No point being wise after the event though is there?!

But I think the Elf might have found her way in to the fold now.


Teddy & Elf


Of course, this visit also lends itself to a little parenting paranoia.

Does someone think we need help?

They’d be right of course.  Still loads to do in the roof.

Not sure that’s the idea though judging by this mornings mess.

I wonder if she is here to check up on our fine parenting skills?  Keep us on our toes perhaps.  Or The Kid on hers.  Who knows.  Worrying nevertheless.

Of course we have entered the Tween zone now as you know.

I thought we’d done really well so far.  We have both managed to be really uncool and embarrassing.  I’m often rude and together we are boring.  Hard to believe really.

‘Tw’elf came with a letter saying she needs to be given a name to make her fairy magic work and asking The Kid if she can stay.

And I’m not sure we get a say in this transaction.

I don’t feel ‘our house, our rules’ will wash with this fluffy thing.

Any other time – but December?   Talk about timing!

Although I gather this is the thing.  Reporting back to the big man himself.

Maybe it’s a good thing.  Maybe she will be a homework monitor?  A TV turner-offer.  An attempt to divert the Queen from the Screen.   A facilitator of good behaviour perhaps?


One also needs to be on top of the Tw’Elf in making sure she remembers to hide.

And patience should be displayed when the other can’t be bothered to find her.

Because there’s looking and there’s looking isn’t there!!!

Parenting skills to the fore here.

This one involved leaving the room and walking up the stairs.




But we got there.

I have to say I find this little lady rather amusing.

But then I would wouldn’t I?!

And it’s always the cute ones that get away with things isn’t it?

I guess we will find out in good time.




Chocolate anyone?



The Tw’Elf has now safely returned to whence she came.  Whether we will see her again depends on the state of mind of all on 1 December 2017.

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