Today there are no words.

Today I have no words.


And on my first morning back on duty, I am having to interrupt normal blog services.

Because a nationwide hunt is underway as I discover that my Lightbox letters have disappeared.

In a cruel twist of fate on Day 5 of my best Christmas present ever being in action,  I am reduced to this ………………….




Every day since New Years Eve, each day has started with a new message.


A beautiful day at The Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.



And for the girly getting ready on New Year’s Eve ………………….




And on 2 January 2017 ………..



You get my drift.

It was all going so well.

And as any new Lightbox owner will know, this is a not a job for the faint-hearted.

It’s put half an hour on the day but we’ve all got involved.

Care and thought must be taken on this new hobby.

And any Lightbox owner will tell you of their glee when they discover their words for the day contain letters from the previous day.

Today was that day.

Oh I was on such a roll this morning.

First day back, The Kid by my side, anticipation building ………… and I’m reduced to this.




As a woman who is rarely lost for words, I find myself today being in the position of a woman who has lost her words.

Or letters to be more precise.

Or have I been the victim of a letterbox theft.

In any event, I am reduced to a she l (boom boom – get it???)

What is a Blogger without her words?

I will have to let you know, I’m afraid.

Normal service will be resumed once this terrible crime has been solved.

I can only be grateful that yesterday was an ‘inbetween day’ as there would have been nothing at all.



I shall hopefully return very soon with the full story!!

And, in the meantime, I wish you


A very Happy New Year!

May all your dreams come true in 2017


Nicky x

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