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Teacher Appreciation

It’s the time of year for those of us that are parents to turn our thoughts towards end of year gifts. Our gifts to teachers and anyone else that has contributed to our children’s lives over the past academic year.

I’m a bit of a stickler for buying these gifts because I have personally really valued the input these people have had into my daughter’s life – whether it be teachers or activity leaders.  I’m also slightly swayed  in so far as we’ve always had a lovely teacher.

We always do something at Christmas too but I see end of year as being the main game and the time to say thank you.

The Kid also loves to give every Tom, Dick and Harry a gift too and providing she doesn’t have to put her hand in her pocket, she is quite happy to choose very elaborate gifts for all and sundry.

So how do I approach the buying? What is my criteria?

  1. I like to have at least met them
  2. I like to have heard their name mentioned regularly
  3. They have had added real value and input

If you make the cut, in my opinion it’s no holds barred. Of course that has left us open in the past to buying rather a lot of gifts – but then who do you leave out? I have said no on occasion where I’ve had no idea who the person actually is.

So what to buy?

I generally work from the rule of thumb that I would never give a gift that I wouldn’t want to receive myself.

It doesn’t have to be about cost. There are many lovely things available now for less than a fiver. In fact, I could probably hazard a guess that some of the best gifts that teachers receive are those where a child has lovingly made something.  We choose our gifts according to our means.

I am also lucky to have teacher friends who I have run ideas by as to whether a particular gift would be well received.   I do take this gift giving seriously!

And from the teachers’ perspective?

Items on a tombola stall

Tombola Stall

What I imagine is a complete no go is ‘toot’. By toot I mean something that has clearly been recycled several times, out of date consumables and things from the summer fayre tombola (particularly if they donated it). You’d be amazed at the amount of sun dials and dodgy wine that surface in these tombola’s.  Some have been doing the rounds since the 1970’s.

And then there is the group collection. Of course, we all love a volunteer don’t we? I have in the past shouted up for similar collections and yes they make sense and are well received.

Not quite so palatable is when you never see the other people and you end up shelling out everyone’s tenner.   Of course, it’s all a about giving isn’t it but for someone you hardly know? I’m sure we all draw the line at having to swallow that bundle.

My instructions this year are ‘no mugs’. I’ve only done the mug thing once as a Christmas gesture but according to The Kid this is off limits. In my defence, I thought it had quite an apt slogan but I’m prepared to concede on this one.

I shall continue to ponder the choices.

Another group that is particularly dear to our hearts is the Brownies. I consider our daughter to be privileged to be part of her Brownie group. Without question, I can honestly say that the ladies who run her particular group are the most wonderfully giving people I have had the privilege to meet. I am sure that I speak for many others across the nation in this sentiment.

Good times come easy in the Brownies and my daughter has had such fabulously happy times with her Brownie group that it brings a tear to my eye. The loving care and effort put in by the leaders to ensure the children have fun is selfless.

In fact I’d go so far to say that if The Kid didn’t have so many guardians in the form of wonderful aunties and friends, then I would without question choose Brown Owl as her Next of Kin!

All of these lovely people have certainly made the cut.

So that’s me and end of year gift giving.

What about you? Do you participate or do you balk at the thought of it?

What influences your choice of gift and who makes your final cut?

Would love to hear your comments

Nicky x

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