I’ve revamped this post a little from last year.  Quite simply because I’m still wondering ………………

Time to dust down the little blog from its Christmas break and to wish you all a wonderfully Happy New Year.  I hope that 2017 brings all that you wish for.

I love New Year and January is one of my favourite months.  I know that not everyone is the same and that January can sometimes be a bit of an anti-climax after Christmas but I particularly love the fresh start.

The opportunity to plan for the year ahead and all of the motivational material that is around at this time of year is right up my street as I am a big fan of personal development.

However, a question has occurred to me over the last few weeks – particularly so because of the time of year.

Whatever happened to horoscopes?

I can remember as a teen dashing to get the newspaper on 1st January as there would always be a double page spread of horoscopes and ‘the scoop’  one could expect for the year ahead.  In some newspapers there would be a completely separate magazine dedicated to the Zodiac.




There was nothing quite like knowing that finances would get a boost in March whilst love was favoured for the latter part of April.   The fact that September came around and I was still waiting for both is beside the point!

I would always read my horoscope on a daily basis and loved to read books on the subject.  Star signs would often come up in conversation and people would often be referred to as being typical of their star sign.

My realisation is that star signs rarely get a mention these days.

As I thought more about this, it made me wonder when I last looked at my horoscope and whether they were even still present in newspapers and magazines.




To satisfy my curiosity I have had to check and I can report that such columns are still present in some newspapers.  More so in magazines.

This had led me to wondering whether the good old horoscope has gone out of fashion.  Is it simply the preserve of the teenage years or has it been replaced by something else?

If that is the case, whatever happened to the likes of Mystic Meg and Russell Grant.  Have they changed career or are they alive and well predicting our futures in the same way they always did?

Who knows?

Maybe I’m just not that into it anymore whilst everyone else is still fully aligned with their stars.

What I do know is that I failed to check the compatibility of my Scorpio self with my Piscean husband.  Bit late now really considering we have been together for 18 years and have successfully made a Taurean daughter.

No need for Meg and Russell to remind me of the Scorpio/Taurus firework party!

Did we see that little lot coming back in 1997 I ask myself?

Were you ever a follower of horoscopes?  Perhaps you still are?

Maybe we have reached the demise of interest in horoscopes.  Have we lost interest as a nation?

Perhaps they have been replaced by personal development tools and books like The Law of Attraction, The Secret and those that promise abundance?

Do put me out of my misery and tell me I’m not the only one that has noticed this.

For prosperity, I have checked the outlook for Scorpio for the year ahead and can report the following :



Hello fabulous one!
The Scorpio horoscope 2017 shows that your best cycle for 12 years begins!
Breath-taking events in love, travel and expansion take you skyward! Get ready for a year of destiny as 2017 will take you on a fabulous journey where larger than life and breath-taking experiences open doors, new horizons and turn you into an attraction magnet!

Source : http://astrologyclub.org/horoscope-2017/scorpio-horoscope/


I’ll happily take that – sounds pretty good to me.  ‘Oh fabulous one’!  Go me.

Take a look at yours – even if it is for old time sake and a bit of fun.

Nicky x






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