Beach and Sunbeds

The Sunbed Scenario

This weeks blog comes directly from the front line of the beach and swimming pool right here in our holiday resort.

Of course, being on holiday lends itself to a little reflection whilst laying on the sunbed.  This coupled with a good old stare up behind the sunglasses and book (people watching as it is fashionably referred to these days) is going to give rise to some gentle musings.

My little thought pattern is in over drive.

First up though has to be the towel on sunbed behaviour.  A behaviour which I’m sure has been covered tenfold but I bring this report directly from my privileged front line location with real time information.

For those who have no idea as to what or whom I refer, it is of course the past time that seems to have been adopted worldwide – that of placing towels on sunbeds in order to ensure that no one else uses them. I have to say the Brits seem to be among the worst culprits for this.

How on earth did this happen to a normally reticent race who are generally very happy to extend courtesy before comfort.  In fact, the only other time I’ve seen this behaviour exhibited quite so blatantly is when IKEA in Edmonton were knocking out cheap TVs on Black Friday.

So, when we are told that our hotel has a zero tolerance policy on reserving sun-beds, I feel a sense of relief.  The fact that it is also in writing – well say no more.   I do love a rule!

This rule sees ‘offenders’ articles politely removed and stored at Reception.  I am really liking this rule. They have Beach Ambassadors here, I assume for this very reason.

Picture of sunbed


You see, I’m not one of life’s natural sunbed baggers. I find it very embarrassing and aside from anything else it’s unnecessary.     I have never been able to lay down a towel and just walk away. I have to go through the motions of sitting on the bed for a reasonable amount of time before leaving.

I prefer to casually wander off, trying to look as though I’ve forgotten something even though i know I’m really going to breakfast.   It is hardly surprising therefore that I am looking forward to playing by these rules.

I have eyed up the prime bed spots and am looking forward to them becoming available.  Front row on the beach is where I aspire to be when it’s my turn under these new rules.

Well, I’m afraid I’m going to have to somewhat disappoint you now, as to my surprise, I have discovered that the rules are being broken.

I can report from my front line undercover location that not only are the rules being flouted but no one is politely bloody removing their stuff.

This leaves with me with the dilemma of whether to do a large scale ‘dob-in’ or grab a trolley and politely remove offending articles.

Prime Spot

Prime Spot

I do neither. I feel duped.  Duped that I’ve played fair by these rules.  Duped that I thought it was a good idea.   So the gloves are off, it’s Day 5 and there is no more playing by the rules.

Front row, ocean side seats 4-6, we’re coming to get you.  The fact that we are in this wonderful country with its beautiful people makes my little musing so much more palatable.

The Kid and ‘the hunk in trunks’ (as he wishes to be known on this vacation) are fully engaged in life here and my next little sunbed thought should now be whether I might grab a t-shirt and become an undercover Beach Ambassador.

It would be rude not too really ……………


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