Tylney Hall has fast become a firm favourite for our little family as bit of a bolthole away from home.  We first discovered this little gem in Hampshire around this time three years ago.  The main draw initially being the fact that it had an outdoor swimming pool.  And when the sun is set to shine during the May half-term, there is nowhere finer to spend a few days than this place.  But Tylney has so much in its favour besides the outdoor pool. There really is no need to leave the grounds once you arrive.

It is rare for us to go back to the same place twice but Tylney has been the exception to this rule.  It gets a thumbs up from all of us on so many different levels and this makes it a perfect choice for a few days away.

Less than two hours drive from London makes it a perfectly reasonable journey time and when you are greeted with this on arrival, you know you have made the right choice to return.



Our favourite spot to sit outside is looking down the tree lined Vista at the back of the house.  If the sun is shining, this is one of those moments of knowing that you have well and truly arrived.   It is suggested that this view is one of the longest uninterrupted Vistas in Hampshire which is lined by Giant Redwood trees.



And then there is the opportunity for eating outside when blessed with such good weather.



The Gardens



Tylney Hall is set among 66 acres of gardens so there are certainly plenty of opportunities for a stroll outdoors.



With the whole place being incredibly easy on the eye, there are no shortage of places to wander or just to sit and while away the time.  For me, that also means taking far too many pictures – although I have been very restrained with this post – honest!!



There are ten different garden areas which range from an Italian Garden to Rose Gardens and Water Gardens and I have just popped a few here just to give a little idea.


Tylney Hall Gardens


Air Raid Shelter and Ha Ha Wall


Air Raid Shelter and Ha Ha Wall


At the bottom of the Vista, a Ha Ha Wall was built to maintain the impression of a continuous strip of land from the main house to the boundary.  An air raid shelter was then added to the back of the wall during the Second World War.


Air Raid Shelter and Ha Ha Wall

Tylney Hall History



It goes without saying that a beautiful place such as this will be steeped in history and it is suggested that the first Tylney Hall was built in 1700.  During the First World War, the Hall served as a hospital and in 1948 it became a school until 1984.  It first opened as a hotel in 1985 after extensive refurbishment.


Swimming Pool at Tylney Hall



As I said, the outdoor pool at Tylney Hall is a big draw for us and you can see why.  You could literally be anywhere in the world with this view and a blue sky.



Tylney Hall also caters for Spa breaks and there is  an indoor pool and sauna as well as a selection of treatment rooms.  Both the indoor and outdoor pools are heated which always helps when your little bodies have been used to such cold weather!


And Inside?


Also very easy on the eye and equally splendid.  In fact from the moment you walk through the door, you could quite happily call this place home if you wish very hard.  There are plenty of lounges to choose from and meals and Afternoon Tea can be ordered both here and outside on the terraces.  The is also a fine dining restaurant, the Oak Room, which gets very busy and is well worth a visit during a stay.



And the room hasn’t disappointed either.  I say room because by strange coincidence we ended up in exactly the same room as on our first visit.  One of the Courtyard rooms and we certainly wasn’t complaining.  What are the chances of that?!  I think we may have been upgraded both times too which is always a nice feeling and quite rare now.



It probably goes without saying that this place doesn’t come cheap.  Having said that – where does during the school holidays.  I guess for us it’s more about the perceived value of coming somewhere like this. We always choose to eat here for the few days although I am sure there are many suitable eating establishments close by should you wish to venture further afield.  Again, as with all hotels, the captive audience dictates the price of the food and drink but when in Rome and all that ………

But most importantly you should

Always leave a reason to return …..



We always leave Tylney Hall feeling as though there is so much more to see and I guess that is the best thing.  As they say, if you love a place you should always leave a reason to return.

We think perhaps the winter or festive season might be a good reason for the next visit  …….. imagine that.




Until next time …………





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