Platform 50 (Pulling In)

Platform 50.  Pulling in. You may be reading this as I'm pulling in or indeed after I've safely arrived at the platform.  Either way it's a journey.  Not in a woo woo 'journey' way but as in going from one place to another.  Or one age to another.     But I'm not...

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7 Spooky Tips for a Happy Hallo’tween’

Happy Halloween. This Halloween lark has become bigger than itself and I have to say, we love it. It's almost like Christmas in this house. We cannot get enough of it. It's become a big event in all of our calendars.  It gets bigger and bigger every year. The shops...

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Are you Wearing Your Bra Too Small?

Bra sizing and is your bra too small? This week I have invited Sharon Eden to do a Guest Post here for me. As well as being a very successful Psychotherapist, Sharon has a wonderful way with words and is incredibly funny with her writing.  She has a way of getting...

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50 Shades of Green

I've been having one of those lightbulbs moments. You know how we listen to ourselves and think we've morphed into our parents? WELL, I'm wondering if I'm now getting a bit of it on the home design front.   These are not my parents by the way but you get the gist!...

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Kinesiology – What Exactly Is It?

Kinesiology.  Now here's a thing.  We've all heard of it. But what exactly is it? Kinesiology is one of the alternative therapies that I've never really understood. And when we aren't quite sure about these things, we can tend to dismiss them or take no further...

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September – You Smell!!

September - you smell!  And you make us cry!   OK that's unblocked a few channels and blockages and caused my Chakras to positively sparkle. It's always good to embrace your voice and inner strength and tell it like it is isn't it! So empowering! To stand up to the...

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7 Reasons To Have A Social Media Break

I made the decision this year that as soon as our holiday started, I was going to take a Social Media break.  In fact a break from all things online -Social Media, the iPhone and everything that requires or more to the point - encourages a 'check-in'. The best way to...

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Fiskardo, Kefalonia

Our holiday to Kefalonia and long awaited return to Greece this summer was all about relaxation and family time.  This is something that Greece does so very well.     That's not to say that our little arms can't be easily twisted for a bit of an Island Adventure when...

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Argostoli, Kefalonia – The Delightful Capital

During our family holiday to Lassi in Kefalonia this year, we stumbled upon Argostoli, the delightful capital.  We were very well placed for frequent visits to Argostoli with it being less than a ten minute journey away at our base in Lassi. Argostoli is the main town...

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Alice’s Adventures Underground

Having been given the opportunity to provide a review for the Alice's Adventures Underground show, we cannot help but feel incredibly jammy at having stumbled upon a corker like this on the first week of the school holidays.  Particularly on the wettest week. Ditching...

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