God’s Own Junk Yard

As a family, we do love a bit of a 'find'.  So when you hear about a place that is literally on your doorstep that you haven't been to and THEN it ends up in the Secret London's feed the very same week - you just have to hop in the car and go!  This was the case for...

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My First NHS Mammogram

At the age of 50 you will be invited for your first NHS Breast Cancer Screening in the UK.  My appointment dropped through the letterbox within days of turning 50.  Very impressive.  Having now had the NHS Mammogram, I thought it may be useful to shed a little light...

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London Lumiere Light Festival

We visited the London Lumiere Light Festival at the weekend.  This event, now, I believe in its second year, is a festival of light across the capital. Over 50 works of art light up the streets and architecture of London during this four day spectacular display as...

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How to Check Your National Insurance Contributions Record

Hot on the heels of my last post about my Personal Pension Review, I have as I said I would, checked my National Insurance Contributions history.  I have also taken the opportunity to check my State Pension Forecast.  In for a penny and all that!!  I have to say that...

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Is it Time for a Personal Pension Review?

Pensions can be a topic that can make us want to run for the hills, can't they?!    A Personal Pension Review?  Stop it now, I hear you say!  So, when did you last have one?  Hopefully you have been a bit more on the ball than I have with my Pension review.  The last...

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Jamie Oliver Cookery School – Cooking Up a Treat

I was very lucky to be invited as a guest to a Christmas event at The Jamie Oliver Cookery School in London Westfield recently.  This was set to be a fabulous evening which would include meeting Gennaro Contaldo as well as getting to  experience the most amazing...

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D is for Dentist

Yes.  D is for Dentist. Not dignity!  Just in case you were wondering.     As I mentioned in my recent post Joining the Exclusive 50 Club, you will find yourself visiting the Dentist so often that you feel as though you work there!  Although this doesn't...

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Vout-O-Reenee’s : A Look Around

It is no secret here on this Blog that as a family, we love an experience and the chance to check out new places. And if it happens to be that I get to experience something as part of my Blogging business, then that also gets a big thumbs up and off I jolly well go -...

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Joining the Exclusive 50 Club

I am delighted to announce that I am now a proud member of the Exclusive 50 Club.  As I mentioned in my previous post (Platform 50) this is a well attended club and I am in very good company.  It seems that everyone is 50, even if they are not 50.  Random is always...

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Platform 50 (Pulling In)

Platform 50.  Pulling in. You may be reading this as I'm pulling in or indeed after I've safely arrived at the platform.  Either way it's a journey.  Not in a woo woo 'journey' way but as in going from one place to another.  Or one age to another.     But...

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Welcome to Not Just The 3 Of Us, the Midlife Lifestyle Blog for those of us that want to make every minute of this new chapter count. I am always looking to challenge the perceptions around age and the mid-years and this is where I do it. You will find my midlife ramblings and adventures here and I also invite you to share in my love of the home and interiors too.

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