This summer has brought some changes with it in the form of keeping a 10 year old amused as I have watched my daughters tastes and requirements change.

Many of the things we would have done in previous holidays – all of the old favourites that we have done year on year, have suddenly become a bit passé.

Funny how that just happens one day.

There has been a little bit of maturing going on which has suggested that its time to find some new activities.

I will of course miss Mr Tumble in all his guises but we all have to move on.

It’s always very easy to find things for the younger ones so in our quest to find some action for the discerning 10 year old, we decided to give the High Ropes at the Fairlop Outdoor Activity Centre a whirl.

We have always spent a fair amount of time at Fairlop Waters.  There are many things to do there and it is also an easily accessible place for a bit of a mooch, a picnic and some boulder climbing which doesn’t cost anything other than a car parking fee.

Easy entertainment on a dry day is not to be under-estimated when you have six weeks of entertaining to take care of and when the cash flies out of your purse at an alarming rate.

I often wonder why there are not more people making use of the space and the facilities on offer.  It does seem a shame.

The Fairlop High Ropes and Climbing Wall have been on the agenda for a while so off we trotted today with my daughter and her friend who were booked on the mid range Challenge climb.

The very enthusiastic instructors (Rory, Rosie & James) kitted the group of children out with their harnesses and safety helmets followed by a de-brief and a health and safety run through.

Fairlop High Ropes

The same instructors stayed with the children for the duration of the climb which is a big plus for first timers.

And they were off – straight to it – negotiating the ropes and the twists and turns like experts.

The instructors were on hand at all times to help out as needed and to guide the children along the course.  The children were all fearless and extremely brave.

Having the instructors with them really made it as there was lots of friendly banter and encouragement and it was also very entertaining for the adults watching from the safety of the ground!

The mid range course was a good starting point and I imagine we would go for the Extreme Course next time.  You can see the Extreme Course in the photos.  It is basically higher and more challenging than the one we were on.

It was then time to hang up the helmets for the next part of the session on The Climbing Wall.  Again more instruction and assistance and lots of giggling!

Certainly not as easy as the kids made it look but they could abseil down if they got stuck or tired.

The Challenge session lasted about 50 minutes and cost £10.00.  There are 3 levels of courses and I believe the age range starts from 3+.

We had a picnic and were there for a good five hours mooching around so not a particularly expensive day out.

Certainly worth a look with the children.  You can even have a go yourself!




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