Thank you for all of your lovely posts for our February linky.  As always we really enjoyed reading them and we appreciate you taking the time to link up.


Some news from your hosts

Jo, Sharon and I have decided that it is time for us to hang up our hats as your linky hosts.  As other commitments take over, we have all realised that we are unable to give the linky the time and attention that we would like to and it seems that our two year anniversary marks the perfect time to draw things to a close.

When we started the #tweensteensbeyond linky two years ago, our intention was to bring together those of us that had older children as a way of sharing our stories and to provide a platform to support that.  We also saw it as a way of sharing a little about ourselves as part of a community.  The ‘beyond’ part of the linky was to address the fact that we all have a story too.  Not just as parents.

The creation of the linky was a learning curve for all of us.  A welcome one too.  Jo, Sharon and I took a huge leap outside of our comfort zone and it paid off in bundles!   Each week we saw the linky grow and the posts evolve and we became a little community.  In the way that only bloggers will understand, virtual (and real life) friendships have been made and we have all looked forward to catching up on the news of our group each time.

All of this has been possible because of the fabulous support shown by all of you and your commitment to showing up each week and supporting us.  We have seen how everyone has grown and shaped their blogs during this time and the success you have all made in your respective online corners.  That is testament to the hard work that you have all put in to keeping your blogs going and is thoroughly well deserved.

So a huge thank you to each and every one of you for helping to shape this little group into the wonderful community that it has become.  None of us are going anywhere, we shall be continuing to run our blogs and we look forward to staying in touch with all of you.

We wish you continued joy and success.

Nicky, Jo & Sharon x






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