When we started the #TTB linky back in March we were a little green to say the least!  But with our combined efforts, Jo (Mother of Teenagers), Sharon (After the Playground) and I have managed to turn this little space into a bit of a community for all things – well – all things tween, teen and beyond.  Just like it says on the tin!!

Looking back, we thought it would be lovely time for some shout outs and a bit of a round-up of some of our regulars and linkers going back over the weeks.



So many of you have joined us from that very first week and supported us ever since. We are really grateful to you all.

It has been really interesting for us to read back over the posts because it feels as though we know many of you now and it has certainly been a great place for us all to discover new blogs.

And it’s been a real mix of posts. We have seen posts ranging from tweens all the way through to midlife and beyond.

Here are just a few of the highlights.

The linky would not be the same without our regular gentlemen bloggers Nige at DIY Daddy and Jeremy at Musings of a Thirsty Daddy.  We love having the dad’s perspective here on our linky.  We will, of course, always wonder just how Nige manages to pack so much time in to his blog while trying to parent young twins and teens so very successfully.  His posts are always heart warming and they certainly resonate.  And then there is the safe pair of hands that is Jeremy at Musings of a Thirsty Daddy!!  We always learn from your posts Jeremy.  Your calm and considered approach to parenting is an inspiration and your comments and views are really valued here.

Every posts that we read from Kelly at Daydreamer Mum makes us want to punch the air and high five this gorgeous woman.   Thank you for moving us with your inspiring posts.

We marvel at the concert going prowess of Mary at Maryoms Thoughts and look forward to hearing what she has been up to each week.  Her posts really light us up.  If only we could keep up with her!

We have said it before and we will say it again.  What a trooper Suzanne at Chicken Ruby has been.  It’s been a year for Suzanne but she’s managed to keep on showing up through her blog and we are so truly grateful that she has.  We will never know how you do it, but you do it so well.  Every admiration for your posts which never fail to make us smile.

Sophie is our wonderful Old House in the Shires blogger bringing us news of her beautiful home and garden whilst juggling teens, working and managing to blog brilliantly.  Sophie always shares her warms words and advice and is definitely a go to blog for advice and inspiration.

Being a Chaperone on a 6th grade field trip to Toronto was the one that did it for us from Katy at Experienced Mum.  Huge amounts of admiration for this lady for doing this and we are sorry Katy, but we did laugh too.  Just brilliant!!

Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas has kept us in giggles with her amazing poetry that is uncannily spot on.  And we love Everyone’s Buck Stops Here and her new style report type posts on all things teen.  Thanks for the giggles ladies.

And our friends around the world Rachna at Rachna Says, MG from Reflections from Me, Nadia at An Introverted Blogger and Shailaja at Diary of a Doting Mum.  These ladies always provide us with such beautiful words and inspirational posts.

Catie at Spectrum Mum and Lynne at A Blog About Raising My Autistic Son have been regular linkers and we thank them for raising our awareness of Autism through their powerful and informative posts.  Likewise, we have enjoyed hearing more about Oscar at Oscar’s Reviews and his story and reading his superb reviews.

We feel privileged to have had some award finalists join us with their lovely posts – Helen at Just Saying Mum and Susie from So Happy in Town.  Cracking posts from these ladies – every single time.  Always spot on, magical and amusing.

We loved discovering Liz at It’s a Drama and we cannot wait to hear all about her travels as she takes off with the family for their trip around the world.  Lots of admiration for this lady and her family.

Karen at Next Best Thing to Mummy is always an inspiration and her journey since having a stroke is an inspirational one.

Laurie at Vanity and Me and her glamorous fashion blog can always be relied upon for some style inspiration while Lisa at Glowology joins us with her midlife and parenting teen stories.  She shares the same approach to midlife as we do – with a glow.  There really is no other way.

Lovely Alisa, our US Expat UK Yankee warms out hearts with her tales of home and family and she also has a delicious Etsy shop too that is well worth visiting.

We have Alex at My Lifelong Holiday to thank for her witty travel posts.  Alex’s humour when mixed with her love of travel make for a delightful read and her blog is just the place to visit when you are need of some cheer.

We have had visits from Jane at Maflingo (who gives fabulous money saving advice), Fiona at Coombe Mill (who runs a fabulous farm holiday business, parents 6 teenagers and runs a very successful blog) – thank you for finding the time to join us ladies.  And then Mum of Three World who always has plenty of tween and teen experience to share with us and Natalie at Hello Cuppies who shares her experience of teen parenting.  It’s great to have you all here.

Falcondale Life share her inspirational travel stories and and Family Makes keep us in fabulous ideas, while The Mad House of Cats Babies and Not Just Another Mum keeps us in all things tween and teen.

And to some of our more recent linkers, Liberty on the Lighter Side and Mathew at MeandMiniMee’s, Rockin Random Mom and Celine at Bell from Bow – we have loved your posts and hope that you will continue to join us.

And one of the best things about the linky and the posts is that we all make each other feel normal.  Reading about others puts perspective on whatever we may all be going through at some time or another.

This list is certainly not exhaustive and if we have missed anyone, please do give us a shout.  Better still come on over and join us again.

We appreciate the time everyone has taken to comment on our posts and those of their fellow linkers.  This is what keeps the linky going and people coming back.

You can look forward to more round-ups posts next year.

And in the meantime, it’s a big thank you from your hosts and we wish you a wonderful festive season.

Nicky, Jo & Sharon x





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